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In its ongoing effort to deliver an advanced level of care, Rockcastle Regional continues to partner with the University of Kentucky HealthCare.

“UK HealthCare’s partnership with Rockcastle Regional is a great benefit to our healthcare system and community,” said Steve Estes, President and CEO of Rockcastle Regional. “Access to quality care is a chronic challenge in rural areas of the state, but our affiliation with UK is helping us meet that challenge by providing our community with leading-edge specialty care.”

Dr. Michael Karpf, UK executive vice president for health affairs, agrees. “Patients should have access to appropriate care in their community and have strong community providers,” Karpf said. “We want to offer care close to the patient’s home and family. It’s important for people to be close to their own community support network.”

Two examples of success are Rockcastle’s partnership with the UK Markey Cancer Center and the Gill Heart Institute. In both cases, internationally known UK specialists have joined the Rockcastle team.

“Our partnerships with UK are win-win situations because they reflect Rockcastle Regional’s pursuit of excellence and UK HealthCare’s commitment to rural Kentucky,” Estes said.

Rockcastle Regional’s Partnerships with UK HealthCare:

Rockcastle Regional Affiliations with UK HealthCare:

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