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Our home care services are proudly offered through our partner, Lifeline Rockcastle Home Health, a member of LHC Group.

What is home care?

Home care consists of specialized healthcare services and activities delivered in the comfort of a patient’s own home. Trained medical professionals, working under the direct supervision of the patient’€™s physician, deliver home care services. Home care includes a wide range of medical, social and therapeutic treatments that help patients return to healthy and active lives.

The emergence of new medical treatments and technologies has made home care a viable, cost-effective option for people recovering from illness, disease, injury or surgery. As part of the LHC Group family of home health agencies, we are equipped to provide high-quality, professional care for a wide range of medical conditions. Home care allows families to keep medical costs down and supports the healing process by allowing patients to recover in the comfort of home.

You may benefit from home care if you are:

  • Recovering from medical conditions including but not limited to: heart failure, hypertension, pulmonary disease such as COPD and diabetes.
  • In need of physical, occupational or speech therapy services. Services include a home safety and fall risk assessment, assistance with activities of daily living (i.e. dressing, bathing, grooming) and/or speech evaluation.
  • Recently released from a hospital, rehabilitation hospital or nursing home and require assistance with wound care, medication management or other skilled nursing service.

Ask your doctor about home care, or contact Lifeline Rockcastle Home Health at 606-256-1808.

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