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Wellness Team Report

by Betty Purcell, Wellness Coordinator

Health Coaching
Interested in health coaching? Call Morgan Kincer at ext. 7704 to set up an appointment.

Smoking Cessation
If you need help to stop smoking, contact Morgan Kincer at ext. 7704.

What's Cooking

Insurance Information

Click here to view Anthem insurance benefits summary. Or click here to view Anthem dental benefits.

Health Benefits Plan Summary Annual Report

Summary Annual Report for Rockcastle Regional Hospital, Employee Health Benefits Plan, can be viewed here. Additional reports can be obtained by contacting Human Resources.

Employee Education Calendar

Click here to view the Employee Education Calendar.

Need a Conference Room?

Call Leolla Hurley at ext. 7764 to reserve a conference room. To reserve the Wellness Center call Jana Bray at ext. 7880. To reserve the Education Center call Katie Flynn at ext. 7780.

Maintenance Request

Need to fill out a maintenance request? Download a PDF of the form here.

Materials Management Forms

To view and download materials management forms, click here.

Resources for you

To assist you and your family in Emergency Response Planning check out these links: and